Dati progetto

Aprile 2014

Yuong Architects Competition

ing. Alessandro Fracassi
ing.Isaac Scaramella
arch. Eldjon Greveni
arch. Bernardo Robles Hidalgo
Irene Girelli
Vincenzo Montefusco

La riqualificazione di edifici esistenti è tema centrale per la rigenerazione urbana. Abbiamo deciso di cogliere la sfida del concorso Space to Culture per la trasformazione di un ex edificio industriale in un polo culturale. Il progetto è stato selezionato tra i finalisti visibili su Young Architects Competitions.

Descrizione del progetto:

Rather than a radical and definitive overhaul of the existing building, our intention is to conduct a series of interventions that will cumulatively allow it to function as a place of learning, production and exchange in the field of the arts – a cultural counterpart to the adjacent sporting hub of Bologna Calcio.

We call such interventions “ingredients”.

The ingredients vary in size and intention. They address, among others, questions of accessibility, the flow of people through the space, and the visibility of the centre.

We acknowledge that the success of this space relies on its capacity to catalyze its users (both visitors and staff) to appropriate, re-imagine, deconstruct and conceive it.

“The Ingredients”.
Here we explain in more detail some of the key ingredients.

All the curtains envisioned for this space are based on the same principle (they divide, filter?? or isolate sp[L2] aces). Different fabrics can serve different purposes here: nets for security, transparent materials to provide shading of coloured filters, thick fabrics to absorb sound, fire proof materials for safety and white screens for projections etc.

Floor patterns

In order to enrich the visual qualities of the surrounding grounds we have decided to introduce small pockets of materials or colors. By attracting attention to these elements we minimized the impact of the renovation works while improving the aesthetics of the grounds.

Existing elements

Existing elements are preserved when they do not interfere with other project ingredients. We believe that there is an innate beauty to the forms and materiality of the volumes, machines and tubes of the former ??? factory now in disuse. We will leave these for future users to re-imagine their uses.

Light House

Conventionally used to orientate fishermen at sea, a lighthouse will be situated on top of this building to make the sports facility more visibile.

Glass covers:

These will be removed to increase the amount of light coming into the polyvalent space on the first floor.

Simpler plan

will be simplified to accommodate an open plan polyvalent space on the first floor and to house a variety of artists in residency on the first and the second floor.
Outdoor surfaces

Improving some outdoor surfaces to make them more confortable to users.